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Greenwood Village Southeast

The beautiful and serene Greenwood Village Southeast community in Greenwood Village is a great place for those looking to live on the edge of town, but with all that Colorado has offered. With its median real estate price at $590K – which can border high-end living when compared to other neighborhoods across our fine state–, you won’t be bored anytime soon.

Therefore, the beautiful, peaceful community of Greenwood Village Southeast has a median real estate price that is more expensive than 55 percent of neighborhoods across Colorado and 77.9% nationwide.

The rent in this part of town can be high-priced, but you get what you pay for. This area has an average monthly rental price ($2,559) that’s higher than 77.1 percent of all other neighborhoods across Colorado.

The area of Greenwood Village Southeast is an urban neighborhood situated in Greenwood Village, Colorado. With such a high population density, this location offers many opportunities for those who live there or want to visit.

There are multiple different housing options in the Greenwood Village Southeast area. Whether you’re seeking a studio apartment or four bedrooms, the Southeast community of Greenwood has something perfect. With amenities that range from swimming pools to tanning booths and concierge service included with median rent prices at over $2500/month – there truly is no excuse not to live here.

The Greenwood Village Southeast neighborhood is an example of how Denver’s real estate has changed. The most recent homes in this area were built after 2000, with others being 1970-1999 built properties.

There’re a lot of diverse types of homes in this neighborhood. Some are newer, while others date back decades or more. The area has both urban decay and newly built properties that offer up an interesting look at life from every angle imaginable- you’re sure to find your perfect place here.

The Greenwood Village Southeast neighborhood is one of the most unique neighborhoods in all of America. The large apartment buildings here make up almost an entire residential area, with 87% being classified as such. This puts this location at higher-than-average proportions when compared to other areas (97.8%) across our country.

The percentage of rental real estate in this Greenwood Village area is 89.7%, which means that there are many more renters than owners living within its boundaries. If you were to buy and live property here, it would only be unusual if your household consisted solely of yourself.

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