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Glenwood Hills

The median real estate price in Glenwood Hills is $601,147, which makes it more expensive than 94%.9% of neighborhoods within New Mexico and 80.3 percent across all states nationwide. The average cost of renting in this neighborhood is $2,407. That’s higher than 98% of communities across New Mexico.

The Glenwood Hills, located in Albuquerque, NM, real estate market is primarily made up of medium-sized to large single-family homes. Most residential properties are owner-occupied. The homes in this area have a mix of ages, with some dating back to before 1970. Many are newer construction built between 2000 and today.

The housing market in Glenwood Hills is pretty balanced. There are no higher than average rates of vacancies, but demand for real estate here seems reasonable enough to consider either price increases or new construction projects.

The Glenwood Hills neighborhood is one of the few areas in America where children have it good. In fact, with rates this low for poverty-stricken communities like ours, 1 out 4, we truly stand apart from all others around here. This neighborhood is more advanced than most others in the city. 47% of its adults have earned at least one master’s degree, medical doctorate, or law certificate – which makes them smarter by conventional standards.

This New Mexico neighborhood is a wonderful place to call home after retirement. For many reasons, Glenwood Hills may be considered one of the best places in which you can enjoy your golden years. It has above-average safety from crime and peacefulness with its natural beauty that surrounds it on all sides. Furthermore, this area offers diverse housing options.

The diverse population of people who live in this area makes it one that’s more retiree-friendly than 97% percent of neighborhoods across New Mexico. The community of retirees in this neighborhood is some of the most active and educated people you will ever meet. Additionally, families with school-aged children can find value in living here too.

The Glenwood Hills neighborhood is home to a higher proportion of executives, managers, and professionals than most other neighborhoods in America. This means that these high-level people are uniquely present, which sets them apart from others living nearby who do not share this characteristic with such abundance.

Glenwood Hills is a linguistically interesting place. Significantly, 1.5% of its residents, five years old and above, primarily speak Portuguese at home! This may not seem like much when you look at the demographics for America as a whole, but it’s higher than anywhere else I’ve seen around here.

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