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Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch, one of the most remarkable and recognizable pieces of architecture in St. Louis, has been visited by millions worldwide.

The Gateway Arch is among the most impressive parts of any city in Missouri and an internationally recognized landmark. Its 630-foot height towers above everything else around it, making this arch a true gem for visitors to our great state.

Built to last, this 630-foot monument in St. Louis was constructed with a stainless-steel structure that forms an arch-like shape when viewed from above or below. It is recognized as the world’s tallest arch and one of America’s most iconic landmarks. It is difficult to find an equally impressive man-made monument from anywhere across this great country.

Situated at 100 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63102, the Gateway Arch is a true masterpiece of human engineering. Built by the hands and ingenuity of our species’ history, this arch stands tall as one sculpted piece among many to make up what we now know as America. This is an amazing architectural feat built by humans to commemorate our country’s greatness. It has no equal in the entire world.

The Gateway Arch, with its iconic tower reaching up into the sky and signifying America’s westward expansion, has become one of St. Louis’ most recognizable icons-even if you have never been there.

The ride up to the top of the Gateway Arch is a must-see for any visitor. You’ll get an immaculate view from its Observation Deck that includes everything you need in order to explore this beautiful region and how much detail can be seen at one time.

When you reach the top of the Gateway Arch, take in everything around you because you will be able to see for miles and will feel like an explorer discovering new land with each step you take forward into this incredible scenery.

The magnificent Gateway Arch is an awe-inspiring structure that has stood the test of time in St. Louis. It’s an excellent way to get your adrenaline pumping and take some photos from up high.

The Gateway Arch is a stunning historical landmark that provides insight into the story of America. The six themed exhibit areas allow you to explore different aspects and topics such as Native Americans, explorers, pioneers, and rebels who made our nation possible.

The amazing Gateway Arch is a must-see for anyone traveling to St. Louis! You can either purchase tickets at the observation platform or go on one of many riverboat cruises while visiting this historic landmark, which will take you close enough so that all its beauty reflects in front of your eyes without even having to move an inch yourself. It’s incredible really seeing everything up close like this–especially since there are eight elevators running up into position just next door ready to help visitors reach their destination quickly.

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