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Epic Escape Game

The solution to all of your problems is right in front of you, but it’s hidden. You have 60 minutes (or less) and teams who will do anything for the chance at winning. The Epic Escape Games South Denver location provides an unforgettable experience with their locked puzzles that can be found across many different rooms.

You and your friends will have an hour to solve puzzles, crack codes, and find hidden items in this locked room. With 60 minutes left, you’re not sure whether or not you’ll ever get out. The Epic Escape Game South Denver (Greenwood Village) is the perfect place for those who love solving mysteries with their buddies on Halloween nights…or any other time, really, since they offer private rooms too if just one person needs some alone-time while his/her friends are off exploring elsewhere.

WAR FOR THE GALAXY – NEW ROOM: Your team has been captured by the enemies and placed in cells throughout their space vessel. You have one hour before you are expected back on your own ship, so break out. Find clues about how to escape from each cell with clues found around this unfamiliar area of space for help reaching freedom before it’s too late.

BURIED ALIVE – NEW ROOM: The legend of Octavia Hatcher, a woman who died and was then buried alive, has been passed down through generations. She now haunts her old house seeking revenge on those that stay over at least an hour in it for any wrongdoing or just because they can’t resist seeing what happens next.

THE CURSED VAULT: You’ve been called upon by the secretive Warehouse 7 to investigate their latest strange discovery- a cursed vault filled with some of history’s most dangerous artifacts. According to our sources, all contact has been lost, and there is only one hour left before they take drastic measures in order to prevent any further damage from happening. Sixty minutes is all the time you have to find out what happened at Warehouse 7 and save our world from destruction.

LAB DISASTER: The scientists at Labcon are celebrating their world-famous lab disaster. The engine room has been leaking laughter gas for hours, and now it’s triggered a lockdown of all departments in anticipation that someone will try to fix the problem before time runs out. You’re one team member who needs access into this dangerous area; can you find what caused this malfunction?

THE PRESIDENTS BRIEFCASE: In this room, you will find the President’s Briefcase. It contains launch codes for over 4 thousand nuclear missiles throughout our country, and it is currently missing from its resting place at The White House. A group of terrorists has possession now, so they can carry out their threat to launch several attacks within an hour if these negotiations fail – which means YOU need to question them about where exactly do think it could be located? Good thing we’ve got just under 60 minutes until midnight before things go really south with all those indiscriminate fiery end products flying everywhere.

Address: 9600 E Arapahoe Rd Suite 212, Greenwood Village, CO 80112-3741.

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