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Ellisville, St. Louis, Missouri

There is a justification behind why you have decided to relocate to a particular location rather than another. While some people are drawn to a location because of its proximity to a bustling urban center or because it fulfills other requirements on their list, others would much rather live in a calm and unhurried neighborhood. No matter what the circumstances are at the moment, we will eventually find ourselves moving into a new neighborhood that better suits our needs.

The city of Ellisville, which is located within St. Louis County, has a population that is greater than 9,000 people, making it just as dynamic as any other community in St. Louis County. On the other hand, as we are going to see, it is not quite the same.

Living in close proximity to natural areas usually means secluded living, right? This is not the case in several western regions. Ellisville has been recognized as a “Tree City USA” by the Arbor Day Foundation every year since 1981. The city is home to 11 parks and a vast trail network, and it is conveniently located close to the August A. Busch Conservation Nature Center and the Weldon Spring Wildlife Area, both of which offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as fly-fishing, hunting, and hiking. To the south, Eureka and Wildwood are located close to some of the greatest trails for hiking and bicycling in the region, including Castlewood State Park, Route 66 State Park, and Babler Memorial State Park, which are all nearby. The adjacent Lone Elk Park, the Wild Canid Survival & Research Center, and the World Bird Sanctuary all offer excellent opportunities to view wildlife, including birds, wolves, and bison. In Town & Country, Illinois, where nature can occasionally sneak up on the unwary, a 10-point buck was spotted walking into a Home Depot in the month of November. The city council only recently gave its blessing to a proposal that will see some deer put down while others are captured and sterilized.

If being close to nature and leading a relaxed lifestyle are important to you, then there is no reason to seek farther than the city of Ellisville for a new home; this is the perfect location for you! Even better, it is well on its way to become the ideal location for a family to raise their children in an atmosphere that is peaceful and removed from the hectic and noisy life that can be found in some of the largest cities that we are familiar with. Move in right away!

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