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Elena Gallegos Open Space

From mountain peaks to stunning scenery, visitors can enjoy nature at its most beautiful in Elena Gallegos Open Space. The picnic area and Albert G. Simms Park are both located below the Sandia Mountains, which were named for their pink colors at sunset – “Sandía” means watermelon.

When you think of New Mexico, the first thing that comes to mind may be some beautiful scenery. But what if I told you there were more than just mountains and deserts? Well, now Elena Gallegos Open Space Park has joined those ranks as one such place! This 640-acre park sits high atop 6500 feet above sea level with stunning views in all directions – Mt Taylor westwards. Jemez Mountains on its northern side; and southwards down Tijeras.

The landscape of Elena Gallegos Open Space is a unique and special place in the universe. The native plants include piñon-juniper trees, Apache plume bushes with scrub oak grasses growing beneath them or around their base; blue grama secedes across dry fields that support bear grass as well soapweed yuccas growing high up off ground level.

Open spaces offer a variety of natural experiences for visitors, from the versatile Elena Gallegos Open Space in Tucson. If they use their observation skills, packrats’ nests can be seen under juniper trees, and coyotes scat along trails to bears traveling through drainage areas where it’s possible that cougars are spotted too.

The Elena Gallegos Open Space will be open for winter hours starting November 1st, 7 am to 7 pm. The park is also open during summertime and has extended its schedule by one hour per day – now ending at 9 pm every evening instead of 8 pm like it used to.

The Elena Gallegos Open Space is a wonderful place to enjoy the views and take in some fresh air. There are seven covered picnic areas and two reservation areas with barbecue grills that offer magnificent scenes from either direction you look. A network of multi-use trails challenges hikers as well bikers or equestrians who want more than just their own animal company while they’re out on these beautiful lands – but also have plenty else going for them. If this isn’t enough, it usually isn’t. One such trail allows foot traffic only access to Sandia Mountains Wilderness Area, which offers breathtaking scenery.

The Elena Gallegos Open Space is a beautiful place to visit in Albuquerque. There are programs and events offered throughout the year for both children, families, and students with interest in environmental studies.

Address: 7100 Tramway Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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