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Downtown Aquarium

Denver’s Downtown Aquarium is the perfect place to take your family on an educational adventure. This large public aquarium has hands-on exhibits that are sure not only to teach you about sea life but also to provide opportunities for animal touch pools and other interactive activities. The beautiful Downtown Aquarium is a public aquarium and restaurant that sits at the intersection of I-25 and 23rd Ave in Denver, Colorado. The building’s 107 thousand square feet (9 800 m2) make up for 990m2, including its parking lot.

The Downtown Aquarium in Denver is a must-see for any animal lover. Positioned at the heart of one of America’s most beautiful cities, this aquarium offers guests 1 million gallons where they can view over two hundred different kinds of fish and countless other creatures from around our world. In addition to being accredited by AZA – which ensures that all exhibits meet rigorous standards– there are also plenty more reasons why visiting The Downtown Aquarium will surely leave you and your significant others happy at the end of the day.

The inland freshwater aquarium is a zoogeographic representation of how two rivers come together to form an ocean. In the original design, it featured tanks with fish that lived along both paths – one being North America’s Colorado River and another Indonesia’s Kampar river. The aquarium aims at illustrating our connection between land-based ecosystems and oceans through interactive exhibits where visitors and Denver residents can learn more about aquatic life while taking part in various activities such as fishing.

The Colorado River Journey showcased a variety of fish, including those that are endangered or threatened. It also included gamefish like bass and panfish that can be caught throughout North America’s rivers and streams. The end exhibit showed how the Sea of Cortez fits into this vast ecosystem by its connection to both marine life in Pacific waters as well as birds flying overhead which have access via migration paths along Mexico’s Gulf Coast towards California.

The aquarium is an educational hub for wildlife conservation. It houses several interactive exhibits, including a horseshoe crab touch tank and stingray feeder that allow guests to get up close with some endangered species of fish or mammals if they wish. The facility also has many programs where you can learn more about these amazing animals, such as their own Species Survival Plan (SSP) dedicated just towards Sumatran tigers- a plan designed by the AZA which helps preserve populations through habitat restoration projects.

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