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Desert View

If you’re searching for a quiet, safe place to live in Phoenix, Arizona area, with plenty of space and greenery, then look no further than Desert View. This neighborhood offers residents an easy commute into town as well as access to public transportation. The population of Desert View is more closely knit and diverse than most other neighborhoods in Phoenix. With a combination shop market and library center for all your needs as well as plenty to do outdoors or indoors when you’re done exploring the area.

The Desert View neighborhood in this city is truly an example of wealth concentration. According to NeighborhoodScout’s research, 98% percent here have a higher income than the average person across America – not surprising when you consider how many millionaires call this neighborhood their home.

If you’re an executive, then the Desert View neighborhood is your perfect place to settle down. With a majority of adults in this area being wealthy and educated professionals with stately homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates – they own luxurious lifestyles but still leave room for family time. You’ll love living here if your job keeps you busy even when off-duty. Desert View neighborhood is also in close proximity to high-quality public schools that are important for your child’s growth and educational nurturing.

The Desert View neighborhood is a haven for those looking to settle down and call it home. With nearly 85% of homes being newer than 1999, this place has the perfect proportions that will leave you feeling at ease with everyday life decisions, like what color paint or flooring material best suits your style preferences. It’s also located close enough where proximity means less time spent in traffic on transportation routes between work sites/schools as well other nearby areas making commutes easier.

The community of Desert View is a great place to call home. With its beautiful views and serene atmosphere, this neighborhood will have you feeling right at peace with every breath. Whether it be in one of the newer houses that were built between 2000-2009 or an older property made more recently, there’s no shortage when choosing how much space your family needs–as long they’re looking for something spacious enough so everyone can feel comfortable staying over.

The people who live in the Desert View neighborhood of Phoenix are some of America’s wealthiest. This exclusive area has an average median income that is higher than 98% of other neighborhoods, making it among the 15% of highest-income places across all states and federal districts.

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