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Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo, located in Denver, Colorado area, is the perfect destination for animal lovers. The 80-acre campus offers visitors thousands of different species from all over the world, and recent renovations make sure you feel like your escape has taken place in another time.

At the new Amur Tiger exhibit, Denver Zoo visitors will be able to see two tigers, an elephant, and many other animals. The Toyota Elephant Passage features meandering through trails that are great for viewing all types of Asian species, such as elephants or greater one-horned rhinos, while also having views from its different platforms on what is happening in their habitats around them, like how there’s someplace where you can stand under an elevated walkway so close enough without being too nervous about getting dangerous because everything seems safe here.

With a one-way path through the zoo that helps enforce social distancing, this is an excellent opportunity to increase your physical activity. You can choose between adding another loop on top or going at it alone with just yourself for company.

The Denver Zoo has an open-air interactive experience that lets you touch and feed cownose and southern stingrays as they swim around a 15,000-gallon tank, the Stingray Cove exhibit. For a $5 extra admission fee, visitors get access to one piece of food to feed on-site; there are also showcases of bamboo sharks in the water, like bonnetheads.

Situated at 2300 Steele St., Denver, Colorado, 80205, the Denver Zoo offers visitors a unique experience with its outstanding features and must-see exhibits. There is a five-acre area called Predator Ridge, which has an African savanna theme. You can see lions and other animals from your seat on comfortable benches as they hunt spotted hyenas.

Whether you’re looking for an activity or just want to spend time with your family, the Denver Zoo has something that will suit everyone’s needs. The easy signage and maps can help visitors get around quickly while also making sure they don’t miss any of the fun events happening at each location. Wheelchairs are available on the reservation, so there is no need to worry about getting stuck in crowds when exploring this great outdoor venue. Reservations open up three months ahead, but walk-ins work too if there happens not to be anyone waiting outside.

The Denver Zoo is a family-friendly destination, but adults should consider visiting too. With kids or without them, the sunny Colorado weather makes it easy to enjoy any month of the year at this zoo. There are also plenty of nearby brews and ciders available from vendors along one side if you’re looking for something more alcoholic after your trip inside capsule hotels.

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