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Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum, situated at 100 W. 14th Ave., Denver, CO, 80204, is a great place to go if you want an art experience that’s different from the typical tourist attractions. In addition to its large collection, DAM offers interesting exhibits across multiple buildings and has something for everyone. 

For a bustling and creative place to work, visit the Denver Art Museum. This museum has it all. With renowned temporary exhibitions as well as diverse programming that will appeal to both art experts and children alike, this museum has it all.

The Denver Art Museum has a little bit of everything, including an extensive collection of Native American art and large format paintings. The exhibit halls are categorized by theme, so your best bet would be to see what appeals (maybe you prefer textiles or fashion over African art). This way, when in the museum, we not only get more variety, but we also get to experience tall ceilings that help these amazing pieces take center stage.

The Denver Art Museum is home to some of the most popular artists in America. This includes more than 100 works by French artist Edgar Degas and also 70 original costumes from the Star Wars film franchise, among other things. If you’re looking for something different or just love visiting this historic site on your tours through downtown Denver, then make sure not to miss out on any opportunities that come along with its latest exhibits—they run roughly every six weeks, so there will always be an exciting new show waiting around each corner.

The DAM is a great place for all ages. It’s easy to get into, and there are plenty of things that kids will love, like the dedicated children’s learning areas or art geeks who enjoy admiring works closely without having any fear that they’ll be rushed by crowds in their favorite paintings (even if those prints happen to be a top hit). For more experienced visitors too, festival-goers can find delight in classic pieces from every era on display at this museum.

The magnificent Denver Art Museum has a lot of stairs. The second level can be reached by walking up these wide staircases, but the elevators are slow and sometimes don’t work properly, so it’s best if you hold on to your map to navigate through all the different wings at once.

The DAM has a wonderful gift shop with sparkly glass vases and hanging geometric mobiles. For those looking for something more substantial, there’s an excellent restaurant on site, The ART (a hotel).

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