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DeBaliviere Place

If you’re in the market to buy or rent a home in St Louis, Missouri, then DeBaliviere Place might be your best bet. The neighborhood has only recently become more popular as it falls within middle-class territory with great schools.

This neighborhood in St. Louis has a higher proportion of apartment complexes or high-rise apartments than nearly every other American neighborhood. Most communities are mixed with real estate and housing types, but here it is almost entirely dominated by big buildings that range up to 24 stories tall. 74% of the property here falls under this classification, meaning they all utilize extremely large amounts of landmass while still providing luxury living spaces for their residents. The DeBaliviere Place neighborhood is one of the few neighborhoods in America where you can find an abundance of apartment complexes. There are nearly as many high-rise apartments here compared with 95% of the rest of the country. This really stands out because most other areas have more variety when it comes to real estate types, such as houses and log homes on single-family lots. There’s no denying that life feels different walking around this part than anywhere else.

The DeBaliviere Place neighborhood is a historic Little Rock gem. With 68% of the residential real estate here built no later than 1939 and some dating back almost tenfold, you’ll find more well-preserved homes in this area than 98% of the rest of the country. It’s not just about how many years ago these houses were constructed either; it also has plenty else going on that will leave your heart pumping.

The DeBaliviere Place real estate market has a variety of options for those looking to buy or rent. From small apartments that can be used as vacation homes all the way up to four-bedroom houses with backyard pools – there’s something here perfect no matter what you want in your next home.

The DeBaliviere Place median real estate price of $456,188 is higher than 87% of the neighborhoods in Missouri and 66% more expensive than other areas in the country. The average rental price in DeBaliviere Place is currently $1,209. That’s higher than 61% of the neighborhoods across Missouri.

The Debaliviere place neighborhood has an executive population that is higher than 98.5% of the other neighborhoods in America, making it a great place to live with plenty going on around every corner. 76% or more people here are employed as executives and managers, which shapes this area’s character greatly.

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