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Crystal Lake Park

Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh is a fantastic neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri area, that has some grabbing features worth mentioning. The way this area looks and lives will make you want to check it out for yourself. The Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, is a great place to live if you’re looking for convenience and variety when it comes to your shopping desires, as well as being close enough that there’s always something new happening around every corner.

The Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh neighborhood is a great place for those looking to live in an older, established home. The homes in this picturesque neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969, with many being well over thirty years old. There are also plenty of room options: from single-family houses, perfect if you’re by yourself or want something small, to townhouses that can accommodate up to four families underneath one roof – make sure not to miss out on this amazing community that offers so much value.

Crystal Lake Park, located in the suburban city of St. Louis, is one area that has seen an increase in value. The median real estate price for this neighborhood reaches up to $799k, which makes it more expensive than 98% of all places across Missouri and 88% more expensive than most neighborhoods in the US. In Crystal Lake Park, the average rental price is $2,190, which makes it one of those more expensive neighborhoods in Missouri. However, this area offers some great amenities for renters, such as proximity to major highways and parks. The cost of renting in this neighborhood exceeds that of 98% of all other neighborhoods in the Missouri area.

The Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh area has a low vacancy rate, which implies that there are few available properties for sale. In 68% of American neighborhoods, you will find more vacancies than in this particular part. This could mean either an increasing demand or some construction on residential units to keep up with population growth.

The people living in the Crystal Lake Park / Huntleigh neighborhood are some of the wealthiest around, making it one 15% high-income area. In the Crystal Lake Park/Huntleigh neighborhood, 63.8% of the working population is employed in executive and management occupations which makes this area an excellent choice for professionals looking to make their mark on society. The second most important occupational group here are sales jobs such as those found with major companies or small businesses located around town.

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