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Covenant Blu-Grand Center

The neighborhood of St. Louis area, known as The Blu-Grand Center, is a densely urban neighborhood with an impressive population density rating. This St Louis neighborhood is very unique in some important ways. It has a high population density, which means that there are more people living. This also makes it one of the most urban areas around–perfect for those who want to be close enough but not too far from everything else going down at their city’s core.

The Covenant Blu-Grand Center / Saint Louis University neighborhood is one of only a handful in America with high proportions that are made up solely of small homes and studios. With more than twice as many here at 96%, this most assuredly makes it unique among all others like itself across the country. The unique thing about this neighborhood is that it has a higher proportion of apartment complexes or high-rise apartments than nearly every other location in the country. This means you’re likely to find more variety when browsing for homes, as opposed to simply looking at single-family houses on large lots with minimal land use regulations and no restrictions against adding an addition to your home.

Most neighborhoods in this city are dominated by high-rise apartments and complexes. There is an abundance here, with 88% being apartment buildings that fall into either category – including many luxury ones. The Covenant Blu-Grand Center / Saint Louis University neighborhood is an excellent example of what life would be like if we all lived in harmony with one another and our environment. In this case, the statistics show that nearly 95% or so residents here do not own homes; instead, they rent them from private landlords who take care of their needs as well.

If you’re looking for a historic area with lots of character, then this is the place. With iconic buildings that date back as early as 1930 and ones built between 1939-1969, there’s no shortage in style or substance when it comes to our cityscape. A number of residences were also built between 1970 and 1999.

The median price for real estate in the Covenant Blu-Grand Center is $460,339, which makes it more expensive than 94.8% of neighborhoods within Missouri and 71.9% more expensive than other neighborhoods across all states. The average rental price in this neighborhood is $1,242, which is higher than 65.8% of the neighborhoods across Missouri, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something on par with those costs.

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