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Congress Park South

The Congress Park South neighborhood is located in the city of Denver, CO, and is home to many people who work on elevation. The area has an urban feel with tall buildings that reach up into the skies, making it one such place where you can see absolutely everything going around.

The Congress Park South neighborhood in Denver is among the most expensive neighborhoods to live in. This area has a median real estate price that’s more than double other areas in our beautiful nation. The median real estate price in this Colorado neighborhood is $1,076,993, which makes it more expensive than 94.4% of other areas across the state and 94.9 percent nationwide.

The Congress Park South neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for some luxury in your starter home. With an average rental price of $2463 per month, this area offers more value and high rental prices than 70.6 percent of neighborhoods across the state.

The Congress Park South neighborhood is a great place to live if you are looking for single-family homes with either three or four bedrooms. There’s also an abundance of apartment complexes/high-rise apartments that range from small one-bedroom units all the way up to five+ bedrooms.

The historic nature of the neighborhood makes it an excellent location for those who want to live in a more gently-used area. Many homes were built before 1939, with some dating back even further than that. The majority of owner-occupied residential real estate can be found here, too; most residents own their property while only a few are renters. There’s also a lot more recent construction going on in this area– between 2000 and today inclusive; you’re sure to find something that fits your affordable price point too.

The 3.5% vacancy rate in Congress Park South is lower than the 78.9% average for American neighborhoods and may signal some demand from either price increases or new construction on residential properties within this area. The real estate market there appears affluent as well; one can expect an above-average amount of competition if trying to buy something around here.

The Congress Park South community in Denver is a place where knowledge pays off. With 43% of adults there having earned an advanced degree, it’s no wonder that this area has such high expectations for its future generations and those who will be leading them into the world beyond college life.

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