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City Museum

The St. Louis City Museum is the perfect place to find abandoned parts of St. Louis that you never knew existed. You’ll be awe-struck by old school buses, planes, bank vaults, and chimneys—just about anything our imagination can conjure up. The City Museum in St. Louis, MO area is the perfect place for adventure seekers who love discovering old things that are left behind by people all over town. You’ll find abandoned buses, planes, and bank vaults here as well-not only does this museum showcase what we’ve thrown away, but it also teaches you ways to save your own trash from being destroyed or forgotten about forever.

The City Museum is a one-time shoe factory that turns out works of art instead. The St. Louis pieces might no longer be used for their original purpose, but they’re still put to good use here at the City Museum, albeit in a creative fashion.

The abandoned Shoe Company has been transformed into a world-class funhouse, with an art-deco design that is both breathtaking and incredible. The building houses 600,000 square feet of space, which includes three different attractions: the greatest playrooms on earth; mazes so intricately designed they will leave your head spinning; Finally, there’s also Bob Cassilly’s architectural marvel—the most awe-inspiring roller coaster in all creation.

Located at 50 North 16th Street, St. Louis, Missouri, the City Museum is filled with fun things to do. You can crawl through fake caves and quaint cubbyholes and slide down floor chutes that plummet ten stories into the building or drive a school bus hanging over an edge at one point. There are also climbing stairs while being surrounded by 20-meter tall metal praying mantises if you want to go up high enough for some serious vertigo action too.

The interactive museum will have your kids in awe of all the cool things they can do. They’ll get a chance to crawl through fake caves, quaint cubby hacks, and more. If you want an unforgettable birthday party for yourself or someone else, rent this one out; it’s truly thrilling. This museum in St. Louis is a must-see for out of the ordinary art lovers. You’ll be amazed at the array and diversity in every corner, not just because it has so many great pieces but also due to the style that sets this place apart.

The City Museum is a place for kids and adults alike to have fun. It features an interesting and eclectic mixture of a children’s playground funhouse-surrealistic pavilion with architectural marvels made out of unique found objects that are hard to describe but make you feel like you are in another world.

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