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Cherry Creek South

Cherry Creek South is a perfect suburban neighborhood to spend your days in Greenwood Village, Colorado. With its hip restaurants and cozy coffee shops, this area provides something for everyone. This quiet, family-friendly suburban community is perfect for those looking to live in a calm setting with easy access to just about anywhere.

The median real estate price in the Cherry Creek South community is $508,077, which makes it high-priced than 51.8% of communities across Colorado and 76% nationwide. This isn’t surprising given that there can be found many luxurious properties with breathtaking views along minority-owned streets where residents not only have high salaries but also come from similar backgrounds as them, too making life feel less racialized overall compared to other areas around Denver or even the entire states.

The beautiful Cherry Creek South neighborhood is a sought-after neighborhood for those who want to be close enough so they can enjoy all that this thriving city has to offer. An average rental price in the community currently stands at $2,172, which makes it lower than 44% of Colorado neighborhoods.

In the Cherry Creek South community, you’ll find a community that comprises primarily small and medium-sized apartments. Whether it’s efficient or a three-bedroom house for your family, this area has something perfect. The area’s real estate is made up of small to medium-sized apartments. Some are studios, while others have three or four bedrooms; most fall into the category known as “apartment complex.”

The vast majority of residences in the Cherry Creek South neighborhood are renter occupied. The Cherry Creek South neighborhood is also a popular Greenwood Village area for residential real estate. Many homes in this part of town were constructed between 1970 and 1999, while others dating from 2000 or later can also be found here.

The high divorce rate in this Greenwood Village neighborhood may be due to the fact that people here divorce more often than others, or it could simply mean they move after getting separated. Either way, you will find yourself among excellent company if your spouse has recently left for an ex-spouse who lives nearby.

The neighborhood of Cherry Creek South is known for its abundance of row houses and attached homes. There are so many that 43% percent are classified as such, making this area in Denver an exception among American neighborhoods. The ambiance here really stands out because you’ll feel like a kid again walking down intersecting streets with unique architecture all around them—the specialized design was not forgotten when it came time to create these beautiful structures, which have become symbols of both modern yet traditional at once.

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