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Chase Field

Chase Field is a retractable-roof stadium in downtown Phoenix, Arizona area. It’s the home of the Major League Baseball team, whose name has not changed since they debuted as an expansion club back in 1998. The first US stadium was built with this feature, and it’s one that can’t be easily topped-no matter how fancy or modern your latest design idea might otherwise seem.

The 1990s saw a wave of new, baseball-only parks, and it was taken for granted that any major league team would need to have an open-air stadium. However, in Phoenix, where there are so many sunny days per year, they built their dome because this time around, things were different from before, when teams wouldn’t survive without outdoor games.

The Chase Field roof is open or closed depending on whether it’s game-time temperature. The park windows allow enough sunlight to play in true daylight without overheating the stadium environment, even with a closed lid. The roof of Chase Field can be opened or closed in 412 minutes at a cost of $2–3 per hour (and is usually shut down 3 hours before game time). It provides an important cooling system for the park. It’s also designed so that it will close automatically three times during any baseball game-once while runners are on base and twice after they’ve crossed home plate; this ensures your family stays comfortable without having to worry about their little ones catching colds.

The 2017 National League Wild Card Game took place at Chase Field, and it was an exciting game. The Diamondbacks hosted their first postseason appearance as well. With a swimming pool located in the right-center field, Chase Field is one of the most unique ballparks to ever exist. The dirt strip between home plate and the pitcher’s mound was also very common before 1938, when it became an old-time stadium staple, until synthetic turf replaced it in 2019.

The stadium is home to an international soccer game every once in a while, but for the most part, it’s just used as a concert venue. The field has end lines perpendicular to the third-base line and temporary bleachers on either side where people sit when they’re watching games or concerts because this place never seems to be full.

Chase Field has been a popular venue for hosting first-round games in both the 2006 and 2013 World Baseball Classic Tournaments. The stadium was also scheduled to stage another WBC event, with just one game played at its Organ Mountains Desert Park site before it came down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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