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Central Phoenix

Central Phoenix neighborhood, or CenPho as the hipsters like to call it, is a hot spot for all things art and culture. This place offers new restaurants with talented chefs who proudly use locally sourced ingredients; plays put on by local theaters that open their doors once every few months at affordable prices tickets, allowing you to not miss your favorite play while they’re still running.

Central Phoenix is the place to be for culture and art. There’s always something going on from great new restaurants, plays that will make you laugh until it hurts, and clubs where people come together at night with friends or lovers. Many places in Central phoenix have been revitalized thanks largely to this past year when some really cool stuff started happening. The downtown scene has gotten even better since all those trendy shops opened up along First Street toward University Avenue; local breweries started serving delicious craft beer BYOB Startup companies too.

Located in the Central Phoenix neighborhood, The Phoenix Art Museum is a great place to visit if you are looking for some art that will inspire your inner village artist. You can find European, Spanish Colonial, and Southwestern works inside this museum and the new Modern Wing, which has cutting-edge contemporary pieces on display.

La Condesa Gourmet Taco Shop offers a creative, fresh take on the classic Mexican cuisine of combinations that are not only made from scratch but also quite good. The menu items have been inspired by ancient Meso-American cultures and will leave you craving more.

Central Phoenix is a great place for those looking to live in the city with its highly regarded Catholic high schools. This area also has many ranch homes that are perfect if you’re seeking family-friendly neighborhoods. North Phoenix has some of the best public schools in Arizona. North Central High School, located just off 33rd Street and I-10, offers a competitive sports program with excellent academically rated teachers that can be found anywhere across town or even within our district lines.

With highly respected facilities like The Sevens Shopping Center, which houses several shopping malls including Target and Walmart, no matter what your preference may fall into when you’re feeling tired after work, there will always seem to be too many options available at home- Windsor Square.

With a recent addition to the downtown scene, this mixed-use high development has brought an interesting twist by bringing live acts into town on any given week. Clubs like Stand Up Live and Copper Blues bring the music down Wednesday through Saturday nights with shows coming from local musicians as well as national headliners that will keep you entertained all evening long.

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