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Camelot Village

Warner Estates / Pheasant RidgeCamelot Village is the perfect suburban community to call home if you’re looking for accessibility and convenience. It’s close enough to downtown that it only takes minutes on foot or by car, but it still offers quiet streets lined with lush landscaping gardens in addition to its many amenities like pools & spas – not to mention all those great restaurants.

The median real estate price in the Camelot Village neighborhood, which is an exclusive neighborhood located in Tempe, has been $626K. This makes it more expensive than 86.5 percent of other areas across Arizona as well as 83% nationwide.

The Camelot Village community is an expensive place to live in the state of Arizona. The average rental price here currently stands at just $2,645 per month, which makes it more costly than 85 percent in other areas across the state.

The beautiful and expansive Camelot Village neighborhood is a great place to call home. The homes in this area range from small single-family houses with just one bedroom up to large five+ bedroom compounds that can accommodate families of any size. Whether you’re looking for an apartment complex or prefer your own private castle – there’s something here perfect waiting on top of all those other places where people might not want you.

The Camelot Village neighborhood is a place where you can find both established homes and new construction. Many residents rent their property, but there are also some that own them outright or have mortgages on top of it.

Camelot Village is a great place to call home, with 8.3% of homes and apartments being vacant, which makes it lower than average for vacancies across America – around the middle range. This makes it a perfect neighborhood to live in with your family if you’re looking for more space than what’s available locally or want something cozy but not too big.

Though most neighborhoods have a mixture of ages homes, the Camelot Village stands out as rather unique because it contains nearly all its residential real estate built in one time period. In fact, 94 percent or more houses were constructed between 1970-1999, making this area look quite an old school with some vintage charm.

The community of Camelot Village is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Arizona for upper-level executives who want to maintain a high standard lifestyle. These residents are typically well educated and wealthy, owning stately homes that appreciate at rates higher than 98 percent across all other areas within this city limits.

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