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Camelback Mountain

Hiking up Camelback Mountain is an incredible experience for those who live in Phoenix, AZ area. The hike offers stunning views of Scottsdale and Downtown Phoenix, with one side dropping down suddenly to 1.2 miles lower than where you started. Hiking up Camelback Mountain is an unforgettable experience for any visitor to Phoenix. The hike offers stunning views of the city, with Scottsdale visible far below as well. It’s not too difficult at 1 mile long but can be fairly steep, so prepare yourself before going on this adventure if you’re looking for more challenging terrain than usual or just want some good exercise while enjoying nature’s beauty close-up instead of from afar like most people do when they visit our area.

Climbing Camelback Mountain is an enjoyable round trip that will let you see the surrounding area from different angles. If more challenging terrain isn’t what your legs are ready for, there’s also one smaller trail available to climb on top of while enjoying some breathtaking views. If you’re looking for a slightly easier trek, the 1.5-mile Cholla Trail on the east side of Arizona’s Mount Camelback offers an incline that is at least until the near summit. There are also beginner-friendly trails that circle around its base, such as Bobby’s Rock trail; try them all.

Hiking Camelback Mountain is an amazing experience that can be best done early in the morning or late afternoon when it’s cooler. Make sure that you carry along some water for hydration and sunscreen, though. Consider taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride for another unique perspective on your climb. In order to truly enjoy this great outdoor activity, we recommend having enough supplies with us, such as food (a backup plan if something goes wrong), a first aid kit just in case anything happens during outdoor activities like scratches or cuts from bushes, etc., and a GPS device, so there are no time lost because technology failed.

Situated at 5700 North Echo Canyon Parkway, Camelback Mountain is more enjoyable when the sun’s not hot and you have plenty of water. Make an early start or go late in the evening to beat the traffic, but make sure that you and any hikers with you are properly prepared for what lies ahead. The hike up this majestic landscape will be worth every sweat-soaked mile if undertaken at either sunrise (a perfect way to see stunning views) or sunset. They’re especially breathtaking around 10:00 pm because there aren’t many people around who can interfere between your shots and those memories we want to preserve forever.

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