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Beverly Palms

Beverly Palms is a suburban neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s located on the edge of town and home to some very wealthy residents who like their neighborhoods serene but not too far from busy city life – it has easy access while still preserving its quiet charm. This neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for the hustle and bustles of city life without all that pesky noise. This neighborhood is surrounded by nature on one side, with plenty of parks available in case it gets too hot or cold out, yet still close enough when necessary during rush hour traffic.

Beverly Palms is a neighborhood that has been established since this city’s inception. The community maintains an older population, with many homes being built between 1940 and 1969; some of these structures may be considered rare because they don’t see many replacements or renovations throughout their decades-long life span (unless there are specific needs). Newer developments can also be found here, such as those constructed after 1970, when mortgages became more easily accessible by typical standards than before this period due largely thanks to inflationary pressures.

The area is primarily made up of medium-sized three or four-bedroom houses, with some studio to two bedrooms condos available as well. Most residents here own their property which means they’re not just renting it out – but owning something tangible such as equity from one’s house rather than living elsewhere until next month when that paycheck comes through again (or having someone else manage all aspects on your behalf). For those looking for more traditional style Phoenix real estate without any pesky noise issues whatsoever, then this place should be at the top of their list.

The median real estate price in Beverly Palms is $1,147359, which is more expensive than 97.8% of the neighborhoods within Arizona and 95% more expensive than other neighborhoods across our country. The data shows that while there are some areas within our country where property values can be extremely high or low based on location, most places have a value between $50K-$500K because they’re average citizens living their life like everyone else around them without privilege whichever side comes up first when push comes to shove.

Beverly Palms’ affordability is one of its best features. The average rental price in this neighborhood is $1436. This lower-than-average cost compares favorably with 76% of Arizona neighborhoods where you can find properties for rent right now.

Additionally, Beverly Palms is an upper-middle-class, high-income neighborhood in Phoenix with higher median earnings than 76% of American neighborhoods.

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