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Bernalillo is well-known for its winemaking history, located in Albuquerque area. The wine industry began in the 1620s, and as time went on, the residents of Bernalillo began manufacturing their own wines from the ground up. Droughts and floods, however, destroyed it. The wine business gradually recovered and is now an important part of the city’s economy. Every year on Labor Day, the city celebrates the New Mexico Wine Festival. This festival attracts visitors from all throughout New Mexico. Tourists do not miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this festival. This event has been able to act as an economic development project over the years. There will be wine poured at this festival, but there will also be plenty of entertainment.

In Bernalillo you can enjoy the clear, sunny, dry days, a beautiful mountain environment. The area has a great physical climate. It also has a great tax environment, with the state’s fiscal health being among the finest in the country. It has a largely strong economy these aspects of this medium sized town draw new people from all across the country.  The area, which is focused on the massive Sandia Laboratories nuclear research facility south of town, is a hotbed for high-tech business which also includes the research-oriented enterprises. There are approximately hundreds of tech-related businesses, the most of which are small and medium-sized, and the neighborhood has been vulnerable to tech sector economic trends.

Desert scrub, grasses, and tiny trees make up the natural vegetation, with coniferous woods up in the mountains towards the east. The precipitation is also just enough for the natural vegetation. There is plenty of sunlight, little humidity, little precipitation, the climate is not constant.  Even in the dead of winter, there is enough sun.   Summer temperatures during summer are hot on average, with hot days and cooler nights.  Snowfall in the city is mild and rare, although there is plenty for skiing in the mountains. Summer afternoon thundershowers, which peak in August, account for the majority of yearly precipitation.

Coronado Historic Site, Santa Ana Star Casino Hotel, Willow Creek Trailhead and Open Space, Balloon Fiesta Park, and ABQBioPark Zoo are just a few of the intriguing locations to explore in Bernalillo.

Tourists are frequently seen taking part in some of Bernalillo’s most popular festivals, including the Albuquerque Lantern Festival, New Mexico Wine Festival, Mountain West Brew fest, Dragon Lights Albuquerque, Marigold Parade, and others.

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