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Arizona Mills

Arizona Mills is the perfect place to find a good deal on anything you need. You can shop at any of their many stores, including 16 anchor ones.

This Phoenix-based outlet mall has something for everyone. From clothing stores and department stores to book shops or coffee shops, you’re sure to find it here. The best part? All of these amazing amenities are within walking distance of one another, so there’s no need to drive around looking bored out of your mind while counting Fudgsicles under each arm (I know we’ve all been there).

Situated at 5000 S Arizona Mills Cir, Tempe, AZ 85282, Arizona Mills is the place to go if you’re looking for some quality retail therapy. With over 200 stores and restaurants, it’s no wonder that this world-class mall has been ranked as one of America’s favorite shopping centers.

The Arizona Mills Mall is a family-friendly place with amenities like comfortable lounges for nursing mothers and strollers available for rent. There are also baby changing stations along the path, so you can take care of your little ones while going through security or just visiting friends or those who want some peace in their lives; there’s an area where children play without distractions while parents catch up on things like laundry or just relax; it really is perfect family time at this park. 

What’s not to love about Arizona Mills? You’ll be able to explore new areas and learn all about your surroundings with their many amenities. Not only does this place have charging stations and high-speed WIFI access for guests’ devices, but it also has breathtaking views from atop one of its most famous attractions, The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Arizona.

The perfect bonding experience awaits you at Arizona Mills. Whether it be an epic shopping spree or just some quality time with your closest friends, there is something for everyone.

The great thing about shopping in Arizona Mills is that you can find anything from designer clothing to budget-friendly items. You’ll have no problem finding what your heart desires, whether it’s for yourself or as a gift.

Arizona Mills has everything you need to make your day-to-day life more enjoyable! At this mall, you can find great deals on clothes, shoes, and accessories. From designer labels in the form of outlet stores like Gap Factory or Tommy Hilfiger, for those looking for fashion-forward pieces without spending an arm and a leg, to Forever 21, which specializes exclusively in affordable, fashionable wardrobe basics like jeans and T-shirts, as well as other miscellaneous items like beauty products. There are also luxury outlets like Louis Vuitton, where visitors have access not only to high-end brands, but they’re able to showcase their own style too, while leaving satisfied, knowing they did not harm their bank account.

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