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ABQ BioPark

The ABQ BioPark, located in Albuquerque, NM, is the ideal venue for anyone looking to get out of town and enjoy some time outdoors. Visitors have been going crazy over this park, reporting that it’s one-of-a-kind. There are so many things to do in this massive park. You can visit the aquarium, botanic garden, and zoo or head off onto Tingley Beach for some sunbathing.

The BioPark’s Zoo is a must-see for children of all ages. The aquarium features an impressive 285,000-gallon tank with sharks that are sure to keep your little one entertained! And you’ll be hard-pressed finding them bored at any point during their visit when there’re 200 different species living on display, including snow leopards and polar bears, just waiting out this cold weather together in real life.

What’s not to love about an area where you can spend hours exploring and learning? The 36-acre botanical garden has everything: numerous exotic plant species, meticulously manicured grounds with serene walking paths.

Tingley Beach is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, bikers, and fishermen can enjoy the many opportunities to hike or bike during summertime visits here. Visitors to this travelers’ paradise can save money by purchasing a package deal that grants them access not only to the zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden but also unlimited train rides.

To make it easier for you, we’re giving combo tickets on Tuesdays through Sundays from 9 a.m.-Noon. The highlight of the day for many people is seeing all their favorite attractions in one place. If you’re looking to make sure that your kids have a good time, too, look into purchasing combo tickets which cost $22 per adult and 8 dollars if they are between three years old – twelve-years-old.

The ABQ Biopark is open every day from 9 am-5 pm. and until 6 pm on weekends from June through August. Single admission tickets are perfect for adults who want to enjoy the outdoors and learn more about plants. They cost $14, which is reasonable considering how much fun you’ll have exploring this beautiful place. Is your family looking forward too? If so, then we’ve got something special just right there level-out of state children between 3–12 years old pay only ten bucks.

Tingley Beach is a beautiful place to visit any time of day. It’s free and open from sunrise until sunset. The park is currently under renovation, so certain exhibits may be closed.

Address; 903 10th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, United States

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